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Formulated to the medicincial level, extracted from hemp grown and manufactured in the USA. This CBD concentrate aims to promote a sense of overall wellness, all while containing a wide array of cannabinoids and terpenes with less than .3% THC. Broad Spectrum does not contain preservatives or additives, just natural CBD oil that’s lab tested for quality and purity. Elevation CBD tinctures offer a natural & effective alternative to many harmful pharmaceutical drugs. Tinctures are one of the easiest, healthiest and most convient ways to consume our CBD products. Enjoy the nutural flavor of our tictures, under the tounge or in your beverage of choice. 



CBD TYPE Broad Spectrum 
SERVING SIZE  20 drops
VOLUME 30ml 1fl ounce
OTHER INFO CO2 extracted, non-GMO, and only organic materials used.

Available in 500mg, 1000mg – and 1500mg.

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Why Elevation Alternatives:

• Broad Spectrum Tincture - quality blend of natural cannabidiol, terpenes, and plant-based flavors in every drop 
• Vegan 
• Non-GMO 
• Unflavored 
• USDA Certified Organic 
• No additives or preservatives 
• No artificial flavoring and coloring 
• Third-party tested and guaranteed for purity, potency and freshness 
May help with: 
• Sleep Disorders 
• Stress Relief 
• Depression 
• Inflammation 
• Balance energy 
• Streamline metabolism
This product is non physcoactive. you will not get "high" from our CBD Tinctures. For more information on the side effects read the bullet list above. Products that have been opened will not be accepted for return. Check out our knoeldge pages for Information on what strengths may be best for you. For more assistance contact us at support@shopatelevation.com


(No reviews yet) Write a Review